Mission Statement

Solid Rock Church exist and sincerely endeavors to see His Kingdom come, His will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.  Founded by the will of God and for His purpose, Solid Rock Church functions to cultivate our growth in God, to cultivate our growth together in Godly love, and to minister to others. 


To cultivate our growth in God

We seek His will by fasting, praying, reading His word and submitting to one another regularly. Focusing on Jesus we mature in our relationships with abstaining from all sinful things and ever decreasing in other things that tend to detract from our growth in God as we notice them. 


To cultivate our growth together

We assemble regularly to worship God, we encourage one another through effective ministries and fellowship making personal sacrifices to serve each other, and with humble eager hearts we seek God together.


To minister to others

We develop effective ministries that reach, restore, equip and commission men, women, boys and girls to find and fulfill their calling as part of the body of Christ. By His grace we are ever maturing living examples of His love, grace and mercy for the world to see.